Today's problems...

The financial system is not perfect...
  • 1
    Banks only transfer money domestically
    Not every bank offers international transfers.
  • 2
    Transfer apps don't work everywhere in the world
    Money transfer apps works in western countries primarily.
  • 3
    SWIFT is very slow and expensive
    It takes 2–5 days and at least $20 fee.
The Solution
Send money anywhere NOW

For what?

Some purposes for money transfers
  • Receive salary
    If you're based in your home and work in an international company.
  • Send money to family
    If you moved abroad, but your family still there.
  • Pay freelancers
    If your freelancer based in another country.
  • Cash out from your company
    If your business is outside your country.
  • Pay for your previous loans
    If you moved abroad, but still need to pay the bills.
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